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Reiki Healing

Ananda is a certified Reiki Therapist. This practice brings all her passions and teachings together into this extraordinarily experience. During your Reiki healing session Ananda will intake your personal goals, concerns and or Intentions. She will assess and intuitively create a personalized experience using essential oils, crystals and sound frequencies to magnify the effects! This combination of healing modalities will switch on and promote self healing into overdrive!!

Super Full Moon

Last Full Moon of 2022 and it’s a Super Moon! Embrace and prepare for this very strong transformative energy ⚡💫⚡ This always requires some letting go and shedding.. Perfect time to let go of what DID NOT SERVE YOU in 2022..


Movements & Meditation to do away with things that no longer serve our highest good and growth!

The Healing Ring of Tantra Meditation (minimum of 11 participants are required) Generating a tremendous amount of healing energy towards any person: a member of the circle, someone at a far distance.

Then, Gong Bath, deeping the healing and relaxing Experience or you may just float away!

CACAO + YOGA + Gong Bath

CACAO + YOGA + Gong Bath

Sunday, August 21st @ 8-10AM

Join Avi, Zach, and Ananda for a beautiful Sunday morning session with cacao, yoga, meditation, and a gong bath. Avi will teach you about some of the many benefits of enjoying cacao as a daily practice and a periodic ritual practice. Cacao, a plant typically grown in rainforests, is a highly nutritionally beneficial bean. You will get to try it at the event! Find out more about Avi, his journey, and the benefits of cacao at… After our brief cacao ritual, Zach will lead you through an empowering and restorative non-heated yoga practice and short guided meditation. Following yoga and meditation, Ananda will create an immersive sound experience. Gong baths have many benefits including reducing stress, fatigue, and depression… Join us for this incredible opportunity to experience cacao, yoga, meditation, and sound bathing together!

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