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Ananda Priti - Holistic Healing

Breathwork - Reiki - Sound

Ananda Priti

Ananda Priti

Ananda Priti is a devoted Holistic Healing Practitioner, weaving breathwork, reiki, sound healing, and yoga into her transformative journey. From triumphs to tribulations, she navigated divorces, betrayal, sobriety, and a narcissistic relationship. Through her experiences, she emerged stronger, fostering self-confidence and self-love. Ananda channels her integrated methods, teachings, and passions to empower others on a similar path, guiding them to reclaim their lives and embrace well-being.


Ananda holds a degree from SUNY Orange as a professional Occupational Therapist Assistant, she employs therapeutic techniques to guide patients toward optimal health.


Breathwork became Ananda's transformative journey, recognizing its profound healing and self-discovery potential. Trained by John Paul Crimi, she is a certified breathwork facilitator, complementing her deep knowledge of yoga's various breathing (pranayama) techniques.


As a Usui Reiki Master under Anthony Simms, Ananda channels Reiki healing energy with intuition, intention, and energy flow to heal others. She attunes new Reiki Practitioners regularly.


Rediscovering her love for Yoga through gentle movements during injury, Ananda pursued advanced certifications, including a Yoga Alliance registered 200-hour RYT with Ami Jayaprada and Michael Stein. Her connection deepened with Kundalini Yoga, completing a 200-hour KYT certification with Gitanjali and Harbhajan Kar Khalsa. Further, she delved into over 500 hours of yoga therapy training under Shanti Shanti, MD, and Hari Kirin Kaur Khalsa, MD, exploring sound healing techniques with gongs and expanding her practice with diverse instruments


Ananda Priti is a dedicated and multi-faceted holistic practitioner, seamlessly integrating her teachings to empower individuals on their journey of self-discovery and healing.

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