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Transformational Breathwork

  • 1 hour
  • 99 US dollars
  • Satya Hot Yoga Studio|Kelta Wellness Center

Service Description

Guided individual session with Ananda. Embark on this uniquely orchestrated experience by Ananda Priti, a transformative journey of self-discovery through Breathwork and Sound Healing. Transformational Connective Breath (TCB) is a powerful breath technique that involves a three-part breath and aims to create a continuous flow of breath for approximately 26 minutes, without any pauses between inhales and exhales. This practice is designed to establish a deep connection between the mind and the body. Ananda Priti, an expert in TCB, provides continuous guidance during the practice, using uplifting words and a vibrant playlist to enhance the experience. The practice allows for the exploration of inner landscapes, becoming aware of patterns or beliefs held in the body that contribute to emotional or physical challenges. This heightened awareness allows you to consciously shift and reframe these patterns, promoting healing and transformation. During TCB, individuals focus on their breath and cultivate an awareness of the sensations and experiences in their body. This breathwork technique helps to release stored tension, emotions, and trauma that are held in the body. The continuous breath activates both the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, which in turn helps to release physical and emotional blockages. This process restores balance, releases stagnant energy and patterns that no longer serve you, while promoting relaxation and healing. Following the breathwork, Ananda orchestrates an immersive sound bath using healing vibrations to induce deep relaxation. Through the gentle resonance of gongs, pure tones of crystal bowls, warm richness of brass bowls, and delicate dance of chimes, you will be enveloped in a symphony of soothing sounds. As you surrender to the healing vibrations and embrace the layers of intertwining, harmonizing sounds feel the tension melt away, enjoying a greater sense of balance and inner peace. It is not safe for individuals with cardiovascular disease (angina, previous heart attacks, or strokes), high blood pressure, detached vision retina, glaucoma, or those who are pregnant. If you have asthma, you are welcome to attend the session, but it is important to bring your inhaler. Additionally, if you have been previously diagnosed with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, or any other psychiatric condition, it is advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before participating in the TCB session.

Contact Details

  • 294 NJ-94, Vernon Township, NJ, USA


  • 616 NY-52, Beacon, NY, USA


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